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Our Renaissance Clothing & Medieval Costumes Make History!

Elizabethan Outfitters offers authentic and stylish renaissance clothing and medieval costumes for clients with discerning taste. Our high-quality renaissance clothing collection has items suitable for every member of renaissance society, from a tavern wench costume for the flirtatious and witty woman, to renaissance dresses and gowns for the ladies of the Queen Elizabeth's court. We also have something for everyone in between, including peasants, craftsman, politicians, and even the pirates and privateers!

Our collection offer renaissance clothing inspired by existing garments, paintings of the period, and historic patterns. So, whether you're shopping for the perfect medieval wedding dress, or the gown or doublet fit for your local fair, you'll find something here. Our collection features a wide selection of Men's Renaissance Clothing, Women's Renaissance Clothing, and even Children's Renaissance Clothing as well. We're absolutely certain you'll find the garment of your dreams in our online store, so look around - and thanks for stopping by!



Elizabethan Outfitters carries real renaissance clothing, and medieval costumes, in authentic, historic renaissance styles with enough variety to suit every taste. If you desire to dress authentically, be it as a peasant or a noble, a tradesman or a pirate, we have the clothing to meet your taste and style.

Our late medieval gowns make the perfect choice for your renaissance wedding, your local faire, or even historic re-enactments. So, whether your plans involve wandering the lanes of your local Renaissance Festival, planning an fairy-tale renaissance wedding, or creating your own history with the SCA, our clothes will help you step back in time and history to a simpler, more romantic age. Don our quality garments and be transported back to the medieval and renaissance eras.

While the quintessential image we have of renaissance clothing is tight and restrictive - these are the styles being worn by the upper echelons of courtiers. No doubt, style was important for both men and women, and both wore the latest styles in renaissance clothing to impress the Queen and influential courtiers. These highly stylized garments are ubiquitous in our minds because we see them in so many historic portraits, but the wealthy could afford portraits, and chroniclers wrote down descriptions of the dazzling styles of the latest renaissance fashion.

The clothing of the renaissance common man was much less formal, becoming more and more so in the lowest strata of the class system. While a lady at Queen Elizabeth's court might daily don a corset to attend on the Queen, a tradesman's wife would wear a bodice, or tight-fitting vest which may or may not be boned, in order to allow for more freedom of movement. A peasant woman or begger may have only a woolen or linen bodice which would likely be unboned, stiffened only by multiple layers for extra warmth.

Thus, we carry a wide variety of options: renaissance and medieval gowns, dresses, chemises, bodices, skirts, and hats in a wide selection of sizes, fabrics, and colors. Our cloaks can help to keep you warm at winter medieval and renaissance festivals, and our shoes and boots will finish your renaissance outfit, giving you style and durability as you stroll the lanes of your fair. So, if you intend to portray the King or Queen, a tavern wench, the fool, a tradesman, rogue, or peasant, you'll find the perfect clothing here at Elizabethan Outfitters.

Our renaissance clothing is for everyone, from the smallest individuals to 'real' sizes people. We make many of our renaissance and medieval garments in sizes up to 5X, including our bodices, skirts, shirts, chemises, renaissance dresses, doublets, and pants. Renaissance clothing suitable for everyone: men, women, and children, is our focus, so take a look around our online store -- you're sure to find the garments of your dreams!





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